We are confident that we deliver the highest standard of service to both teachers and schools...
Some testimonials from our teachers:
"As soon as I registered with Coba Education, Ian was on the phone within seconds of me submitting my registration. I was stunned by his swift response and Ian's professionalism. I was very impressed with Ian's conduct and willingness to listen and move things around for me."
Simon, Teacher
"Thank you for the work you have supplied and the professional way your staff have dealt with any queries. It has been a pleasure to work with you all and I do still recommend you to other teachers and schools when they require staff."
Carole, Teacher
"Thank you so much for getting me so much great work. I've loved working with Virginia and Julie. Definitely my favourite agency - it's true."
Pamela, Teacher
"After taking voluntary redundancy from a local school I registered for supply work with some trepidation. The rumours I had heard regarding supply teaching turned out to be unfounded. Both Marc and Adrianne are a pleasure to deal with, the work is regular and the rates of pay are better than their local rivals. I would not hesitate in recommending Coba and the staff to anyone who is considering supply teaching either as a part time or more regular source of income. They have excelled at finding me all the work I wanted and they pay me on time without any hiccups. A professional outfit and an overall pleasure to work with."
Mike, Secondary Teacher
"I have worked with Coba for many years. I have experienced excellent professionalism consistently. Coba always finds me work either daily or long-term, may wages are always right and on time. I have been highly valued, so much that when I go out on an assignment I go to a school to represent Coba not just to do a job and earn money; it is our business."I have worked with Coba for many years. I have experienced excellent professionalism consistently. Coba always finds me work either daily or long-term, may wages are always right and on time. I have been highly valued, so much that when I go out on an assignment I go to a school to represent Coba not just to do a job and earn money; it is our business."
Marshall, Secondary Teacher
"I gave up full time work in the summer of 2012 after 9 years in permanent teaching positions, several months after a fairly major operation. I registered with Coba and three other agencies in September ads I felt able to work part time, but was concerned about earning enough to get by on. The summer term was a worry too, with gained time meaning that less supply work was available. I need not have worried. Coba have supplied the vast majority of the work throughout the last year on one day and longer term appointments. I'm now starting on a whole year placement through them at a very nice school. Only one of the other agencies found me any work at all, and that was a long way from home. The staff are unerringly cheerful and very professional. The placements are always appropriate in terms of subject and distance to the school. There is never any angst if you can't accept the work offered on that day and there is usually work for the following day - if you want it. They have a good reputation with the schools - often when you sign in all of the other supply teachers are from Coba. The pay is managed well by the umbrella company and always arrives on time. Adrianne and Rob are very approachable and have always responded quickly to queries ensuring that everything goes smoothly. They are a great bunch of people who know their job and who will work hard on your behalf to get you work. Highly recommended."
Susan, Secondary Teacher
"I first registered with Tap, which later became Coba in 2012. I also work for several other teaching supply agencies in Beds, Cambs, Northants, Milton Keynes and Herts. I have however found Coba in Northampton the agency providing me with most suitable work. Their consultant Michelle has understood I need to work every day and has treated me more as a trusted colleague than a supply contact."
Ian, Primary Teacher
I have been working for Coba since 2011 and I have found them to be great at finding me regular work for the last two years. Marc, Adrianne, Rob, Michelle and Abi have been hard-working, committed and proactive when it comes to finding me regular employment. Any teacher looking for frequent work should join Coba. I thoroughly recommend them."I have been working for Coba since 2011 and I have found them to be great at finding me regular work for the last two years. Marc, Adrianne, Rob, Michelle and Abi have been hard-working, committed and proactive when it comes to finding me regular employment. Any teacher looking for frequent work should join Coba. I thoroughly recommend them."
Taz, Secondary Teacher
"I would like to thank you for your help and a good meeting this morning. I was very excited about the new experience. You provided me with all the answers to my questions in advance and without me asking. You explained all of the paperwork and the meeting was perfect. I am looking forward to my first job. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot."
Omaya, Secondary Teacher
"I would just like to provide you with some feedback in regards to my initial impression of Coba Education. I have been a substituting since April 2012, and as I recently relocated to Northampton I was keen to join a new agency that I hoped would have my best interests at heart, rather than being another faceless newly qualified teacher on a long list of people.
My initial impression is that the family run business that Coba Education was founded upon still influences the now expanded company's ethos. I no longer feel as though I am a faceless employee, but a valued member of the Coba Education Team. I genuinely believe that all the staff at Coba Education care for my professional and personal well being.
Marc Fishers professional experience within the Education system is of particular comfort to me. His welcoming demeanor during my registration process made me feel secure and think of him as more than my consultant, but someone who could guide and provide me with invaluable advice based on his experience in regards to my teaching career. The registration process was clear, concise and most importantly an honest representation of what I should expect working for Coba Education. I knew where I stood in regards to pay and my role, and how and where I could progress towards as an employee.
My confidence in the Coba Education Team is reinforced through their regular and positive communication. Whenever I ring I am welcomed by friendly voices, whom always have time for my queries and even spare a few minutes to ask about my day and general well being. I firmly believe that Coba Education will not only find me a full time position, but a position in a school that can offer me the best professional opportunities to further my teaching career. I know that they always endeavor to find me regular work and take on board my requests discussed during my registration.
I would definitely recommend Coba Education to other teachers or those considering a career in education, as my comments above clearly demonstrate their integrity and dedication as a company. I sincerely look forward to continuing my relationship with Coba Education."
Sara, Secondary Teacher
"I have enjoyed working with, and gained a lot of experiences through Coba Education. You were the stepping stone in my teaching career. My aim is to become a qualified teacher in the UK and Coba Education has helped me since 2007 in gaining good experiences in UK classrooms...I will never forget your help".
Egnes, Primary Teacher
"Since I joined Coba Education I have found them a really excellent agency. I have worked continually in good schools with dedicated and helpful staff. Coba Education has always been exceedingly helpful whenever I have had a query. The staff are very friendly and have always presented me with the type of work that suits my abilities. I cannot praise them highly enough."
Jean, Secondary Teacher
"Coba Education provides a very professional service which is second to none. The staff are very friendly, keen to hear from you and are highly effective at placing staff within suitable placements. Having only worked for them for a short time, they found me a fabulous long term position as well as keeping my wife busy all the time too. Coba Education are a must!"
Rob, Primary Teacher
"I am able to recommend Coba Education to anyone considering a career in supply teaching. This recommendation is based on the high level of trust and professional honesty I’ve found in the company, my consultant and her colleagues; the quality of schools they work with and the accurate assessment of all what to expect at first visits. Thanks again for being such an excellent consultant."
Wenceslas, Secondary Teacher
"Having joined with Coba Education as a supply teacher, I have found every member of staff to be professional and thorough to very high standards. They have provided me with opportunities to work within schools on a regular basis, which I am very grateful for.

Having gained QTS status, my personal aim has been to start the NQT academic year. The members of staff have continually been searching on my behalf to help with this process. They have been successful, and I have started the NQT at an excellent school, where the working relationship and environment is very positive.
Coba Education has made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Through personal touches such as calling at the end of days to simply ask ‘how was your day’ show that Coba Education do care and want to ensure that all workers are happy. Having worked with other teaching agencies, I can say that Coba Education does go that extra mile. I am very happy working for/alongside Coba Education, and am continually informing newly qualified teachers who are struggling to secure work of this agency. I hope that the positive working professional relationship continues."
Steve, Secondary Teacher

“I have worked for Coba Education for over two years, and have never been short of work in that time. They are always efficient and friendly. They listen to you and take the time to get to know you so that they can offer the sort of work that you want and that suits you.”
Kirstie, English Teacher

"I have no hesitation in recommending Coba Education to anybody considering supply work - the team are without exception a fantastic bunch of people - easy going, friendly and helpful, no matter what time of day and have always found me a steady stream of work in the local area."
Elaine, Cover Supervisor

"The Coba Education staff are a pleasure to work with. I feel like one of the team and try to support this through commitment to the pupils that I teach. Their friendly professionalism helps to make my job easier as I find that schools are always welcoming."
Julie, Primary Teacher

Some testimonials from our schools:

“Coba are our supply agency of choice because they have some great Teachers and support staff on their books. They are always available to help, especially last minute and provide a friendly, personable service.” 
Queen Eleanor Primary Academy

 “My contact at Coba is always friendly, consistent and helpful. Coba remember details about our school; who suits us and who doesn’t. They almost always supply us with the staff we need and let us know in plenty of time if there are any problems. Definitely our ‘Go To’ number 1 agency.”
Magdalen College School, Brackley

 “I really appreciate that you know your supply staff and try really hard to match our needs to the right supply staff. I appreciate that Coba staff are friendly and professional and willing to pull out all the stops when needed to find me the right staff. “
Purple Oaks Academy

 “Always efficient and quick to respond. Quality of staff used means we keep coming back.”
Corby Old Village

 “Always ready to help, professional yet friendly and NEVER pushy, wouldn’t use anyone else and always happy to recommend”
Kingsthorpe Grove

“What do we like about Coba – Well first of all there is nothing we don’t like!  Coba is a local friendly business who do their utmost to meet a school’s needs and to provide them with a suitable supply teacher, be it short term or long term, who will come into school and do their very best for the pupils.

I would not hesitate in recommending this company to work colleagues.”
Myrtle Park Primary School

 “Coba always provide us with excellent supply staff. Whether we ring them first thing in the morning, or have planned cover, Coba are able to help. Staff are very friendly and it’s great having a dedicated consultant to work with. Their rates are competitive, and we would be more than happy to recommend them.”
St Anthony’s School

“One of the great things for me about COBA, is that they are not constantly ‘touting’ for business. They are the only supply company we use and they are always there when we need them.  The supply staff are generally of a high standard and we have a dedicated member of staff, who we deal with directly, who always tries to fulfil our needs, however short the notice is! 

I would be happy to recommend them.”
Glusburn Community Primary School

"I am the Cover Manager for Northampton Academy and have been using Coba Education for the past 9 years. I  believe the person who did my role before had been working with the Company since 2002. In this time we have had over 1500 placements with Coba Education. Adrianne and I have been working with each other now for the past 5 years and I have formed a great working relationship and friendship with her. 

The service provided by Adrianne and the Coba team is fantastic, they are extremely reliable and, as I only work until 12.30pm, I often have to leave requirements for the next day in their hands. After working with the company for so many years they understand the school’s needs and requirements often matching teachers’ personalities and teaching styles perfectly to our students. Obviously there has been a couple of unsuccessful matches but this is always dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally.
Coba offer a fantastic loyalty scheme whereby you can earn money when you place bookings with them, last year we saved up enough to put money towards the cost of a permanent placement fee.
One of my favourite things that Coba provide is their booking confirmation email, each time I book a teacher, I receive an email within 5-10 minutes with the teacher’s name, DOB and all of their compliance details such as DBS numbers, date, list 99, TRN number, Prohibition check etc, which can really help when entering information onto SIMS and printing off for Ofsted records.
Elaine Evans, Northampton Academy, Northamptonshire  

"Over the years we have built up an excellent relationship with Coba Education. They have always proved to be honest, reliable, and flexible if necessary and their business ethic has at all times been entirely professional."
Sheila Brown, South Craven, Yorkshire

"We are very happy with the service we have received. They are cheerful, upbeat and prepared to 'go the extra mile' to be helpful. The supply teachers who work for Coba Education Teacher have been very satisfactory and our staff have commented how pleasant and communicative they are."
Judith Cooke, Cover Coordinator, Ashby School, Leicestershire

"I have been working with Coba Education for many years and find the staff to be very professional and extremely helpful, if I were approached by another school with regards to a supply teaching agency I would not hesitate to recommend Coba Education."
Karen Benney, Bursar, Kings Heath Primary School, Northamptonshire

"Always helpful, always cheerful! Andy and the whole team at Coba Education can always be relied upon to fulfil our staffing requirements."
Lisa Pawson, Ilkley Grammar, Yorkshire

"I have found Coba Education a very professional and friendly supply teaching agency. They have provided Wellingborough School with quality temporary and long term placements, quickly and efficiently, whenever I have needed to obtain cover for a teacher's absence. I would have no hesitation in recommending Coba Education to other schools."
Ann Whittington, PA to Headmaster, Wellingborough School, Northamptonshire

"We have been using Coba Education for many years. The reason we are still using them is that there is always a friendly and helpful voice at the end of the phone. They always provide the high quality supply cover we expect - they never let us down. They are professional and consistently provide the high quality service our school needs."
Jean Turnbridge, Addingham School, Yorkshire

"Using Coba Education as our supply teaching agency has taken the pressure out of the job - one phone call and supply is covered even if it's an emergency. Nice staff and easy to work with."
Elaine Scott-Collins, Bursar, Walgrave Primary School, Northamptonshire
"We have recently started to work with Coba Education for the school's cover requirements. Whenever we have spoken to the staff at the company we have always found them to be very friendly, helpful and reliable even when we have contacted them at the last minute. The staff at Coba Education are excellent at providing cover staff who are flexible if necessary and fit in well at the school."
Jill Lowe, Assistant Systems Manager, Ralph Thoresby School, Leeds
"We are more than happy with Coba and always find you extremely professional, have already told a couple of schools about you who asked about agencies. If anyone would like to speak to me about your services I am more than happy to."
Di Mecklenburgh, Bursar, Wilby CE (VA) Primary School, Northamptonshire