Coba Education works with many teachers who have gained their qualification outside the UK. If you are an overseas qualified teacher looking for supply teaching work in the UK you will need to meet the criteria specified below in order to register with Coba Education.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need at least three months UK teaching experience in order to register as a supply teacher with Coba Education.

What will you need? 

You must be recognised as a qualified teacher in your home country, please bring original certificates. Before you can register with Coba Education, you will need to contact UK NARIC 0871 330 7033 who compare your qualifications to UK standards.

  • A valid proof of identity - your passport.
  • A valid work permit or visa entitling you to live and work in the UK.
  • Criminal clearance from your home country from within the last 3 years.
  • Contact details of two valid references from previous schools.
  • You must have an excellent command of spoken and written English.

It is essential to bring the originals of all the above documents to the UK.

Gaining QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

Fully qualified teachers from overseas can teach in England for up to four years before they are required to gain QTS. We do however recommend undertaking some training to gain a better insight into the National Curriculum.

If you intend to remain supply teaching in the UK or wish to find a permanent placement then we highly recommend beginning an Overseas Trained Teaching course to gain QTS. For additional information on what is involved please visit this website:  

Work permits

Proof will be required to check your working status in the UK. Unfortunately we can't apply for a visa or permit on your behalf so please see find some useful information below.

For enquiries into gaining a work permit please visit the Home Office website at:

For general enquiries into working in the UK contact:
Home Office   44 (0)20 7035 4848