Booking Confirmation Terms and Conditions

  1. All booking confirmations are subject to change at the discretion of the school
  2. Booking confirmations are not a contract of employment between you, the place of employment e.g. a school or Coba Education as they may be subject to change
  3. If you arrive after the requested time of arrival your daily rate may be subject to change and reflect the late time of arrival
  4. If you are asked to leave the school or choose to leave the school prior to the end of the requested finish time, your daily rate may be subject to change
  5. If you are unable to complete a booking for any reason you must notify Coba Education immediately
  6. Upon arrival at the school and if requested you need to be able to provide a form of ID  or you may be refused entry into the school
  7. Your daily rate may be subject to deductions
  8. All rates are inclusive of 12.07% holiday pay