4 Must Have Apps For Teachers

As a result of the pandemic, teaching has taken a new form for both students and teachers. With distance learning, teachers have turned to technology to aid them in education. In this blog, we will be looking at the best online teaching apps.


This is one of the most popular platforms for online learning. It is simple to set up and can accommodate a hundred attendees per call. Zoom has many features that can help you enhance virtual teaching for your students. These include:

• Shared screen - This feature allows the teacher to share their screen with the class. It is helpful when explaining how to complete a task or solve a problem. A shared screen gives online learning a classroom feeling.
• Breakout rooms - Zoom allows you to split your classroom into smaller groups. The teacher can assign students to breakout rooms before the class starts, then bring the entire class together later. Breakout rooms allow the teacher to move between these rooms and share information with all students.
• Non-verbal feedback - The teachers can utilise this feature to receive feedback using the meeting reactions. There are icons such as “raise hand,” which students can use to let the teacher know they have a question.

That said, the free version of Zoom limits calls to only forty minutes, after which you would have to restart your session.


This learning tool makes it easy for users to create, share and play games and quizzes on various subjects in any language. The app is designed to make learning fun and engaging. It is free and works well on most devices. Here are some of its features:

• Ghost - this is a feature that allows students to play against their previous top score. It enhances learning through repetition.
• Analysis - using the analysis of the results, the teacher can see which areas students are struggling with and focus more on that area.
• Copy - this feature allows the teacher to combine other readily available quizzes to create the final examination.

Google Classrooms

This free online tool allows teachers to set assignments, receive submitted work, mark, and send them back to the students. Storing students’ work on your classroom drive folder makes everything easier to find and grading quicker and hassle-free. Here are some useful features of Google classroom:

• A gradebook to keep a record of students’ grades and assignments.
• A comment section to use when giving students feedback.
• An option for parents to receive emails on their child’s progress in class
• The teacher can copy and assign comments


This is an online organising platform that teachers can use to easily plan out their syllabus and keep students on top of their work. Teachers can use Trello to do the following:

• To organise student assessment data
• To organise meeting agendas
• To create a resource organiser
• To coordinate with other teachers

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Image Source: Unsplash