How To Deal With Bullying In School

If you are new to a school, you may be wondering how to be a good supply teacher - especially when problems like bullying occur. What does a supply teacher do in such a situation? It can be challenging to know how to address this difficult issue, and here we take a look at the best ways to deal with bullying in school, and what makes a good supply teacher in this situation.

Be Proactive

You shouldn’t wait until bullying occurs to discuss it. Be proactive about speaking with students about bullying, guiding them to understand the consequences it may have, and that there is a zero-tolerance policy for it.

Keep Visible

Bullying can happen when no authority figures are close by. Make sure that you are visible and present during the day, ensuring that you are near students in areas where bullying is likely to take place. This can be in the hallways, break rooms or playgrounds.

Intervene In Situations

You may happen upon bullying taking place. If this happens, you should intervene between the bully and victim. This creates safety for the victim and puts a stop to the current bullying. Wait until later to fully discuss the situation with each student separately and gather the facts before deciding on how to proceed in order to remedy the issue at hand.

Involve Others

Don’t try and take on these situations alone - you should involve other members of staff and parents to help you to manage the issue. This will let the individual know that they are being perceived due to their bullying, encouraging them to put a stop to their behaviour.

Create Safe Spaces

Bullying can be a difficult topic for students to broach, especially if they feel they may not be believed. You should endeavour to create a safe and secure environment for your pupils so that they can speak to you if and when they need to. It can be challenging to see bullying from the outside, so be aware of the signs of bullying, as they may be extremely subtle.

Being a good supply teacher often means handling moments that could be extremely complex, and bullying is one of the most emotionally charged and complicated situations you may face. If you feel up to taking on the challenge, then get in touch with Coba Education to find supply teaching jobs across Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

Image source: Pexels