5 Tips On Writing An Amazing Lesson Plan

As long as you are passionate, committed, and eager to teach, you’ll make a great teacher. However, many practicalities make a great teacher, too. Here, we will look at lesson planning for primary school teachers. How do lesson plans help teachers and why is it important for teachers to plan lessons? Read on to find out and to pick up five top tips for amazing lesson plans.

Decide What To Cover

The most important step is deciding what you want to share with your students in your lesson. This goes beyond what subject the lesson falls under, you should think more thoroughly about what you wish to convey. This might be a theme or topic that needs to be covered. Once you have decided on an idea, you can think more deeply about how this will benefit your students and make a stronger connection between the topic and its benefits.

Have Objectives In Place

As well as having a topic or theme to cover, you should also think of objectives for the lesson. It can be easy to get carried away when teaching - or answering student questions - and objectives can keep a lesson on target. This can also help you to grasp your goals and what you want the outcomes of your lesson to be. Objectives should create a smoother and calmer lesson overall.

Check Your Materials

Having the correct materials is vital for a smooth lesson. You don’t want to need to run out and grab supplies partway through the lesson, or not be able to teach effectively due to a lack of materials. Thinking about your resources ahead of time will also help you to structure your lesson more effectively.

Do a Write Up Beforehand

Teachers don’t exactly work from a script, but writing up your lesson beforehand can be incredibly helpful. You should plan out your delivery from beginning to end, writing down the materials required, what your objectives are, and what you are going to cover. This will give you a good overview of your lesson and let you see exactly how to proceed.

Assess and Develop

Once you have delivered your lesson, now is the time to assess what went well and what went less well. There is always room for assessing and developing your lesson plans so they can just get better and more engaging.

With these tips, you should feel much more confident in developing lesson plans that keep children interested in learning. If you are considering supply teaching in the Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire area, get in touch with Coba Education. We can support you in finding great positions where you can deliver your amazing lessons.


Image Source: Unsplash